Utility quality three-phase power anywhere you need it.

Three-phase power from a single-phase source anywhere you need it. The Simple line of digital phase converters uses trickle-down technology from our Phase Perfect® Performance and Enterprise converters. This entry-level phase converter was designed for non-industrial applications without extremely hard starting loads, or loads that will tolerate voltage imbalance during motor startup.

230V Model Comparison

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460V Model Comparison

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During hard motor starts, when the Simple exceeds the foldback current, it will drop voltage on the generated leg to the foldback voltage briefly before raising it back to match the input voltage.

If your needs are industrial, or you cannot tolerate a voltage imbalance during motor start, such as with CNC equipment, VFD's, or other equipment with embedded electronics, see the Phase Perfect® Enterprise or the Phase Perfect® in the highly customizable, original Performance configuration with a larger chassis, higher power ratings, and additional options.

Power Quality

Many loads, including loads that work with a static or rotary phase converter, will tolerate a voltage imbalance during motor startup. The Phase Simple takes advantage of this by reducing the voltage of the generated phase during high load motor start conditions. By allowing for this brief voltage imbalance during motor start we are able to greatly reduce the size of most major components in the system.

You still get modern microprocessor-controlled electronics that continuously adapt to changing loads and electronic protections for the equipment you have attached to the converter. Once running, the Phase Simple will maintain phase-to-phase voltage balance within 2%, just like the Phase Perfect® Enterprise and Phase Perfect® Performance.

Electronic power factor correction produces near unity power factor

Sinusoidal input current with very low harmonic content

Output LC filter blocks digital switching-generated noise producing sinusoidal output

Applications and Usage

A huge number of applications and equipment once considered "industrial" require three-phase power. This equipment is increasingly finding use on farms and ranches, in home shops, or other locations where utility-provided 3-phase isn't readily available. The Phase Simple is the best entry-level option for powering woodworking, metalworking, polishing and grinding, mixing, and other types of industrial equipment.

The Phase Simple will start most loads up to the rating of the system. For hard starting loads, such as air compressors or hydraulic pumps, greater than half the rating of the Simple, we recommend oversizing the phase converter or investing in a Phase Perfect® Enterprise. Just like a static or rotary phase converter, the Phase Simple may reduce voltage during motor start, however, none of the other drawbacks are present. You get full rated power from your motor and the high efficiency operation afforded by a digital phase converter. The Phase Simple will automatically raise the voltage and maintain voltage balance immediately after breaking a hard starting motor out of the non-rotating, locked rotor condition.


  1. Mount with supplied mounting kit.
  2. Connect two wires in, three wires out.
  3. Ensure the Phase Simple is well grounded.

Installation of a Phase Simple is virtually "plug-and-play". Equipment can be connected to the output just like they would be hooked up to utility three-phase. See the Installation Quick-Start Guide to get an idea how easy it is to install the Phase Simple.

See the Quick-Start Guide



Panel Shop

The Phase Simple is an entry-level phase converter not available with any additional options. If you require surge protection, an external disconnect, or other customization we offer those through our Panel Shop for the original Phase Perfect®.

Extended Warranty

Although durable and robust in design, a little extra peace of mind never hurts. Phase Technologies is happy to offer an extended warranty for all of those applications that demand a bit extra.


Phase Perfect® Enterprise

The Phase Perfect® is also available in a compact, high-value, configuration where the customization options of the original are not required. These Enterprise models have the same modern digital phase conversion technology inside as the original.
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Phase Perfect® Performance

Also available in the original, highly customizable, configuration. The original Phase Perfect® set the standard for what was possible with digital phase conversion technology. The available configuration options will ensure the needs of your application can be met with ease.
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