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Voltage Doubling

Voltage Doubling is a patented variable frequency drive (VFD) technology engineered by Phase Technologies to help with the typical high cost of deep well and long lead applications by doubling the supply voltage. For example, if you have 230 V A/C power available, these VFD's step up the input and produce 460 V A/C output without requiring an additional transformer.


Phase Technologies has designed a control system specifically to address the needs of center pivot irrigation. This variable frequency drive (VFD) provides full-featured speed control of the main pump and the optionally integrated AuxPower™ independently performs phase conversion and powers the pivot system.

Save time and frustration with a single solution designed specifically to handle the needs of your center pivot system.

Low Harmonics

Keeping electrical harmonics in check can help your power utility by allowing for smaller transformers and preventing possible down-the-line issues. More importantly, it can lower your utility bill, increase your power reliability, and lower your equipment maintenance costs. If you aren't familiar with electrical harmonics and the IEEE 519 standard, you may not be able to ignore it for much longer. Utilities across the country are beginning to mandate compliance.

Constant pressure pumping made easy

Perfect Pressure™ only requires a few minutes of setup time and is capable of controlling the most complicated plumbing systems with ease. With constant pressure, plumbing systems run smoothly with fewer instances of short cycling. Demand-driven constant pressure pumping for small wells is now inexpensive, reliable, and available to all homeowners.

UL 508A Panel Shop

Save time and money with our custom UL 508A panel shop. Phase Technologies can customize an industrial control panel to fit your specific needs. Custom is usually associated with greatly increased cost and greatly increased lead times, but nothing is business as usual at Phase Technologies. We deliver many customizations very competitively and with similar lead times to our standard products.

Phase Conversion

A phase converter is a device that produces three-phase electrical power from a single-phase source, allowing the operation of three-phase equipment at a site that only has single-phase electrical service.