DXL Series
DXL Industries

Industrial Three-Phase VFDs

Designed with the contractor in mind, the new DXL Series Variable Frequency drives offer significant value in a clean and compact design.


Easy Setup Wizards

  • Constant Pressure
  • Flow Control
  • Tank Level Control
  • Pump Down
  • Suction Pump
  • HVAC Setup

Fully Featured Drive

  • Advanced motor protection & PID Control
  • V/f Control or Direct Torque Control
  • Download and load parameters seamlessly
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Large backlit graphic display
  • Intuitive menus in clear English

Superior Design

  • NEMA 1
  • Rugged steel enclosure
  • Made in the USA
DXL Series

Model Comparison

Model Number Horsepower Rated Output Recommended Circuit Breaker Rating
DXL — 230 V Input Three—Phase|230 V Output Three—Phase
DXL005 5 HP 18 A 30 A
DXL007 7.5 HP 24 A 30 A
DXL010 10 HP 31 A 40 A
DXL015 15 HP 46 A 60 A
DXL020 20 HP 61 A 80 A
DXL025 25 HP 75 A 100 A
DXL030 30 HP 91 A 125 A
DXL — 460 V Input Three—Phase |460 V Output Three—Phase
DXL405 5 HP 9 A 15 A
DXL407 7.5 HP 13 A 20 A
DXL410 10 HP 18 A 30 A
DXL415 15 HP 24 A 30 A
DXL420 20 HP 31 A 40 A
DXL425 25 HP 38 A 50 A
DXL430 30 HP 46 A 60 A
DXL440 40 HP 61 A 80 A
DXL450 50 HP 77 A 100 A
DXL460 60 HP 91 A 125 A
DXL475 75 HP 107 A 150 A
DXL4100 100 HP 142 A 200 A
DXL4125 125 HP 172 A 225 A
DXL4150 150 HP 198 A 250 A
DXL4200 200 HP 250 A 350 A
DXL4250 250 HP 304 A 400 A
DXL4300 300 HP 365 A 500 A
DXL4350 350 HP 415 A 600 A
DXL4400 400 HP 478 A 600 A

Intuitive User Interface

SDHC card reader for import/export of parameter set.
Eight button keypad and digital display standard on all DXL Series models.
SDHC card reader


Phase Technologies' DXL Series variable frequency drives provide outstanding value in a compact, yet rugged design for industrial applications. This fully featured drive has advanced motor protections with both V/f and torque control.

Parameters can easily be changed using the standard eight button keypad or by using a SD card via the internal SDHC port. The DXL Series comes with five preset wizards to get complex setups up and running quickly and smoothly. Intuitive menus contain phrases in clear English. No thick manuals and strange codes to decipher.

Short lead times with expedited ordering available.


Product Builder

Easy Setup

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