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Save time and money with our custom UL 508A panel shop. Phase Technologies can customize an industrial control panel to fit your specific needs. Custom is usually associated with greatly increased cost and greatly increased lead times, but nothing is business as usual at Phase Technologies. We deliver the customizations found on this page competitively and with similar lead times to our standard products.

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Sine wave filter mounted in a Phase Technologies chassis

Output filters are necessary when motor leads exceed 50 ft. Without filters, long leads allow reflected harmonics to create dangerous voltage spikes that can exceed the insulation rating of the motor cables and windings.

Over time, these voltage spikes will degrade the insulation and result in motor faults. An output dV/dt (50ft to 850ft) or sine filter (50ft to 3000ft+) can be installed in the panel at the factory on most LH and DX Series systems. External filters can be placed as a stand alone on the output.

A filter reduces harmonics in the PWM output voltage, smoothing the waveforms to reduce vibration in the motor. Filters also reduce common mode currents in the motor windings that can discharge through motor bearings, causing pitting and premature motor failure.

CAUTION: Long leads between the unit and the motor with an unfiltered PWM voltage can lead to dangerous voltage rise from reflected harmonics. Very long leads, such as in deep well submersible pump applications, may require the use of a sine wave filter to remove most of the harmonics from the waveform.

Phase Technologies recommends and integrates Raycap Strikesorb® surge protection for every installation. By utilizing the best surge protectors on the market we are able to keep costs low by integrating them at the factory.

Raycap Strikesorb® in VFD protecting single-phase input.

Raycap Strikesorb® on the assembly line along with MCCB protecting three-phase input.

Raycap Strikesorb® in partially assembled unit on assembly line protecting three-phase input.

Drives and some phase converters are available with an optional MCCB integrated into the panel. The breaker is equipped with an external disconnect and is service-rated.

MCCB / Disconnect and lever seen externally from front of chassis.

MCCB / Disconnect seen on the inside of the chassis.

Ask a sales associate if you require short circuit ratings above 25kA.

Most models are available with an external mounted HOA switch and speed potentiometer. When the switch is in the Hand (Manual) position, the speed pot can be used to control motor speed on the main motor output of the drive. In the Auto position, the main output is controlled by external control signals through the various analog and digital inputs to the drive. For example, if the drive were configured in constant pressure control mode, the 4-20 mA signal from the pressure transducer would control motor speed. An HOA switch in the OFF position will stop the motor on the main output of the drive. The secondary drive output, Aux Power, will not be affected. It is typically controlled by another external switch on the panel door.

HOA switch and speed potentiometer on front of chassis.

Phase Technologies has designed a VFD that provides full-featured speed control of the main motor load along with AuxPower, an independently controlled phase converter to power an entire center pivot irrigation system. The converter provides pure sinusoidal power rated 60 Hz, 460V three-phase, and is safe to power virtually any load, even sensitive electronics. The Aux Power converter is available in two sizes, 18 amp or 32 amp. This option is available only on 1LH Series drives.

Auxiliary Power Supply An additional control supply can be added to power additional lights, fans, heaters, and/or ancillary control systems. The supply is rated 230/115 VAC, 1 amp. Power is accessed through terminals on the sub-panel.

AuxPower switch on front of VFD chassis.

AuxPower output terminals inside chassis.

If downtime isn’t an option, Phase Technologies can integrate a bypass into the Performance Series packages. This allows the user to start and run a motor if their VFD is down.

What is UL 508A anyway? UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a non-profit research organization that develops rigorous technical safety standards. They publish a standard concerning the safety and construction of industrial control panels called 508A. UL 508A certified shops produce custom industrial electrical control panels that you can rely on to meet strict safety standards.

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