Limited Warranty - All Product Lines

Product Type Product Series Warranty Period Optional Extended Warranty
VFD ES Two Years Three years if product is registered at time of installation
Warranty Registration
VFD SD Two Years
VFD 2XD Two Years Add additional 8% per year of extended warranty
VFD 1LH Two Years
VFD 3LH Two Years
VFD DX Two Years
Phase Converter Phase Perfect® One Year Three Years with add-on at time of purchase
Remote Uplink Phase Connect One Year Add additional 8% per year of extended warranty
Parts All 90 Days None
Transducers N/A Guaranteed at Initialization None

Limited Warranty

Phase Technologies warrants to our customer that the products listed herein will be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase through their warranty period. Buyers only remedy and Phase Technologies’ only duty is to repair or replace defective products (at Phase Technologies discretion). Warranty is non-transferable.

Obligations of Customer

  1. The original Bill of Sale must be presented in order to obtain "in-warranty" service.
  2. Transportation to Phase Technologies or an Authorized Service Center is the responsibility of the purchaser. Return transportation is provided by Phase Technologies.
  3. Installations must comply with all national and local electrical codes.
  4. Any products returned to Phase Technologies must follow the Phase Technologies RMA Procedure

Exclusions of the Warranty

This warranty does not cover any of the following: accident, misuse, fire, flood, and other acts of God, nor any contingencies beyond the control of Phase Technologies, LLC, including water damage, incorrect line voltage, improper installation, missing or altered serial numbers, and service performed by an unauthorized facility. Phase Technologies’ liability for any damages caused in association with the use of Phase Technologies’ equipment shall be limited to the repair or replacement only of the Phase Technologies’ equipment. No person, agent, distributor, dealer, or company is authorized to modify, alter, or change the design of this merchandise without express written approval of Phase Technologies, LLC.