Perfect Pressure™

Fluid-filled pressure gauge on large water pipe showing 62psi If you are pumping water, what are you ultimately trying to do? Putting aside a few details, ultimately, you are trying to create pressure. We have made the variable frequency drive (VFD) water pumping configuration process as simple and intuitive as possible by focusing only on what's important.

With the Perfect Pressure™ wizard, constant water pressure control is easily configured in just a few steps.

Perfect Pressure™ only requires a few minutes of setup time and is capable of controlling the most complicated plumbing systems with ease. With constant pressure, plumbing systems run smoothly with fewer instances of short cycling. Demand-driven constant pressure pumping for small wells is now inexpensive, reliable, and available to all homeowners.

Perfect Pressure™ Setup Process

Configure a pump system to deliver constant pressure with just a few button presses. After the setup wizard, validate the system and walk away knowing it will supply constant pressure no matter the demands placed on it.

Variable frequency drives have always been hard to configure. Needing to hunt through a complex manual trying to cross-reference parameters, while trying to configure them on barely readable screen was normal. Phase VFD’s still have all those parameters under the hood if you want to fine-tune a pump system, but our intuitive wizard will have you running in just a few seconds.

Try this interactive Perfect Pressure™ Wizard to see how easy it is!

Run Constant Pressure? STEP 1

On start, use the arrows to toggle to "Run Constant Pressure Wizard?" - Press the ENTER key to proceed.

4-20mA psi RANGE STEP 2

Set the psi range of the 4-20mA sensor. Default is 150psi. Press ENTER to proceed.


Determines the pressure you want to maintain. The factory default is 50 psi. Use the arrow keys to change if desired. Press ENTER to proceed.


This parameter sets the ramp profile for a submersible pump. "YES" = ramps to 30HZ in the first second to prevent excessive wear on the thrust bearing. "NO" = The frequency will increase in a linear fashion from zero to max frequency. Use the arrow keys to toggle between the two settings. Press ENTER to proceed.

Disable Manual Mode STEP 5

The "Yes" value allows you to disable the MANUAL button run mode. "No" allows you to run the VFD manually on/off at max frequency.


Setting for motor overload protection (service factor amp rating for the motor) using the arrows to toggle. Press ENTER to proceed.


Press the RUN/AUTO button to start the pump.


Try me!

Run Constant Pressure Wizard?


Yes (Enter)

No (Back)

Brick home with sprinkler system watering lawn

The same Perfect Pressure™ wizard can be used to configure constant water pressure quickly and easily for small residential needs all the way up to huge municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, well driller, or part of a municipal staff we have a vfd pump drive system easily configured via the Perfect Pressure™ wizard to fit your needs.

Phase Technologies 3LH 4100R VFD pumping water into water tower