Perfect Pressure™

Fluid-filled pressure gauge on large water pipe showing 62psi If you are pumping water, what are you ultimately trying to do? Putting aside a few details, ultimately, you are trying to create pressure. We have made the variable frequency drive (VFD) water pumping configuration process as simple and intuitive as possible by focusing only on what's important.

With the Perfect Pressure™ wizard, constant water pressure control is easily configured in just a few steps.

Perfect Pressure™ only requires a few minutes of setup time and is capable of controlling the most complicated plumbing systems with ease. With constant pressure, plumbing systems run smoothly with fewer instances of short cycling. Demand-driven constant pressure pumping for small wells is now inexpensive, reliable, and available to all homeowners.

Perfect Pressure™ Setup Process

Setup Constant Pressure? STEP 1

Allows the user to configure the VFD to maintain constant pressure in the plumbing system. If the application does not require constant pressure, selecting No will initially cause the VFD to run in a simple on/off configuration which is ideally suited for a float or open discharge application.

4-20mA psi Sensor Range STEP 2

Allows the user to enter the pressure sensor value so the VFD will read the correct pressure. This value is typically indicated on the pressure transducer, with the default value of 150 psi matching the 0-150 psi range of Phase Technologies’ pressure transducers. If the entered value does not match the transducer pressure operating range value, then the correct pressure will not be indicated on the display.

psi Setpoint STEP 3

Allows the user to enter the pressure value to be maintained. The VFD will maintain this desired pressure by varying motor speed based on the setpoint and the current line pressure. As pressure drops, the motor speed will increase, and as pressure increases, the motor speed will decrease or remain constant.

Submersible Pump STEP 4

Allows the user to select whether the pump for the given application is a submersible pump.

  • If Yes is selected, then a ramp-up profile is used to accelerate the frequency from 0-30 Hz in one second and then further ramps up from 30 Hz to the maximum frequency. This ramp sequence is needed to protect the thrust bearing used in a submersible pump.
  • If No is selected, then a linear ramp is used. A linear ramp is typically used with centrifugal or above ground motors and will damage the motor of a submersible pump.
Note: It is critical the correct motor type for the given application is identified before setting this parameter.

Enable Restarts STEP 5

Allows the user to configure the VFD to automatically restart after a power loss and continue regulating at the desired pressure. If No is selected, the user will have to manually restart the VFD by pressing RUN/AUTO on the keypad.

Disable Manual Mode STEP 6

Allows the user to disable manual mode to prevent the drive from constantly running in manual mode with no pressure control. Manual mode causes the VFD to ramp the motor to full speed and ignore the pressure sensor. Running in manual mode could over pressurize a plumbing system and cause it to fail and is typically used only when constant pressure control is desired.

Overcurrent Limit STEP 7

Allows the user to enter the overcurrent limit value to prevent the drive from overpowering the motor and potentially damaging it. The limit entered should match the pump motor service factor amperage and should never exceed it. If the limit is exceeded, the VFD will display a fault, indicating a possible issue with the motor.


Upon completion of the wizard Off will be displayed on the screen indicating the pump status. Pressing the RUN/AUTO button will start the pump, and the pressure will be displayed. If any advanced configuration is required for the unique circumstances of the installation it is easily accomplished via the intuitive menu system and large backlit display.

Constant Pressure
Yes (Enter)
No  (Home)

Brick home with sprinkler system watering lawn

The same Perfect Pressure™ wizard can be used to configure constant water pressure quickly and easily for small residential needs all the way up to huge municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, well driller, or part of a municipal staff we have a vfd pump drive system easily configured via the Perfect Pressure™ wizard to fit your needs.

Phase Technologies 3LH 4100R VFD pumping water into water tower