Three-phase heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Choosing to use three-phase HVAC equipment is a no-brainer. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment are some of the most power hungry electrical loads in most buildings. The increased efficiency that comes with choosing three-phase can mean huge cost savings every month.

Unfortunately, three-phase power isn't available everywhere. It can still make a lot of sense to use three-phase HVAC equipment, even on single phase. When you pencil out the cost savings of using a rotary phase converter, a lot of the upside evaporates due to the high standby power usage of rotary phase converter technology. More and more HVAC equipment is also coming with variable frequency drives (VFD) installed internally, along with other sensitive electronics. These electronics need high quality, balanced, 3-phase power or they can be damaged.

In these cases, Phase Perfect® will allow you to have your cake and eat it too. You get low standby power usage and utility-quality three-phase to run any three-phase HVAC load, all on single-phase power!

The modern, microprocessor-controlled, Phase Perfect® is able to respond instantly to power demands ensuring quality, balanced power is there when you need it, but power isn't wasted when you don't.

HVAC / air conditioners close up view

Phase Perfect®

The original Phase Perfect® supplies power to some of the most demanding applications available under some of the most challenging conditions imaginable. Utility-quality three-phase power anywhere you need it.

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Phase Perfect® Enterprise

The Phase Perfect® is also available in a compact, high-value, configuration where the customization options of the original are not required. These Enterprise models have the same modern digital phase conversion technology inside as the original.

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