Variable frequency drives designed to pump

Phase Technologies continues to work tirelessly to make pumping applications easier to setup and configure. At the same time, we're setting new standards for cost-effectiveness, reliability, and service.

Perfect Pressure

The Perfect Pressure wizard guides you through a series of prompts to set up constant pressure control. The wizard appears immediately when a new drive is first initialized, or after all parameters are reset to factory defaults.

The wizard allows for quick and easy setup that will allow for most systems to operate with constant pressure control. If any fine tuning, or more advanced control, is required, there are an extensive number of parameters available. All of these parameters can be quickly configured via the easy to navigate on-screen menu.

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1LH with AuxPower operating two pivots out of irrigation pond in central Wyoming

AuxPower was designed to simplify center pivot irrigation

Phase Technologies developed AuxPower to simplify center pivot irrigation systems for our many agricultural customers. These applications no longer requiring mixing and matching electronics to drive the pivot and pump.

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