The Standard in phase conversion.

7.5 - 175 HP | 230 V, NEMA 1 | 460 V, NEMA 3R

The Phase Perfect® digital phase converter supplies power to some of the most demanding industrial applications available under the most challenging conditions imaginable. Over 20 years of development has resulted in a robust and proven phase conversion technology, capable of powering any load.

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Ships Within
7 - 10 Business Days

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Hard-starting motors demand maximum output along with overcurrent protection. Delicate embedded electronics, which are getting more common by the day, demand perfectly balanced voltage always, no matter what the demands are on the rest of the system. 

No other phase conversion technology can supply the brute force required to start the most demanding loads while protecting everything down to the smallest integrated circuit from damage. The Phase Perfect® uses modern microprocessor-controlled electronics to continuously adapt to changing conditions. 

Don't subject your expensive equipment to improper phase timing and voltage imbalance inherent in dated phase conversion technologies. Get utility-quality power with Phase Perfect®.

An embedded microprocessor constantly ramps up or down based on the needs of the attached equipment. Full power is there when you need it without any wasted energy when you don’t. High efficiency under load and extremely low power utilization when not loaded add up to big cost savings compared to other phase conversion technologies.

Horsepower rating of largest or combined load that will be connected to the Phase Perfect®

The cost in cents per kilowatt/hour your utility charges you for electricity usage. You can estimate costs for your region by looking at the Average Price Chart on

Weeks per Year
Days per Week

Number of weeks per year and days per week you anticipate needing 3 Phase power available. For example: a business with typical operating hours might be 50 weeks per year and 5 days per week, while an elevator installation would require 52 weeks per year and 7 days per week.

Hours Per Day

The number of hours per day you anticipate not drawing a significant 3 Phase load. For example: a typical business might not draw a significant load right away in the morning, during breaks, or over the lunch hour, while an elevator might be idle 20 or more hours per day.

Typical woodworking or machine shop installation, estimated annual savings with Phase Perfect® versus Rotary:


 Phase Perfect®Rotary Converter
Starting Load Horsepower2040
Standby Power Consumption80W2260W
Idle Power Cost$11.20$316.40

The Phase Perfect® will also return power to your single-phase source when any three-phase load is in generating mode. Returning this power to the grid is a much more efficient solution than burning off wasted energy.

508A Panel Shop Options

NEMA 3R Outdoor Kit

Mount your Phase Perfect® anywhere outdoor. Bug guards and rain hood ensure all weather protection. All 460 V options come standard 3R.

On/OFF Switch

The optional on/off switch will completely turn off power to any connected devices, both on the two passthrough legs as well as the generated leg of your critical equipment.

Surge Protection

Strikesorb provides class-leading multiple hit protection ensuring continuous protection of your critical equipment

MCCB Service Disconnect

Quickly and easily disconnect the phase converter from power any time maintenance or any other need arises.


Operating Temp Range:⠀⠀—40 °C – 40 °C (—40 °F – 104 °F) 
Enclosure Types:NEMA 1 | NEMA 3R
Voltage Range:187 V — 260 V | 440 V — 520 V
Frequency:60 Hz
Output Power:10.8 - 118 kVA
Standby Power:70 - 300 Watts
Energy Loss:479 - 8,117 BTU/hr
Digital Inputs:1
Weight:51 - 305 lbs
Conforms to:UL STD 61800-5-1
Certification:CSA STD C22.2 NO.274

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Phase Perfect digital phase converters power the most demanding mission critical applications. The Reliable Power Guarantee provides a safeguard against high energy events, surges, lightning, and malfunctions of connected equipment. One year is included with every Phase Perfect to help reduce the stress that can come with unplanned downtime.

Standard 1 - Year Warranty

For many of our customers their phase converter represents a critical component in ensuring they have reliable power. Whether you chose a Phase Perfect to power an elevator, HVAC system, machine tool, or any other piece of equipment, we appreciate your trust in our product.

Because we understand how critical a phase converter can be, we have a comprehensive warranty for all Phase Perfect products that we call the “Reliable Power Guarantee.” Under this guarantee we will fix any defect in materials or workmanship free of charge, and will fix accidental or inadvertent damage as well.

This guarantee may be extended for up to 5 years on in-warranty Phase Perfect systems.

With our Reliable Power Guarantee:

  • Defects in materials or workmanship are fixed at no charge.
  •  Most accidental damage is repaired for a small fixed deductible.

Deductible Details: 

  • Minor deductible covers up to 2 components (e.g., control board, fan).
  • Major deductible applies to more components or unlisted repairs.

Contact our Sales Department for complete details on warranty pricing or to extend your existing warranty coverage, or see the full Terms and Conditions.



The Phase Perfect® is also available in a compact, high-value, configuration where the customization options of the original are not required. These Enterprise models have the same modern digital phase conversion technology inside as the original.

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In an era where power quality and efficiency are required, the Phase Perfect Simple offers a compact and quiet solution that meets the rigorous demands of small shops. Designed for those seeking the latest in phase conversion technology, the Phase Perfect Simple stands out as a premier choice, integrating cutting-edge technology and unique design to deliver superior performance.

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