Phase Perfect®

Utility quality three-phase power anywhere you need it.

Three-phase power from a single-phase source anywhere you need it. Phase Perfect® digital phase converter uses modern solid-state electronics to create utility-quality three-phase power anywhere. Over 20 years of development has resulted in a robust and durable phase converter capable of powering any load, from hard-starting motors to equipment with delicate embedded electronics.

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Power Quality

Hard-starting motors demand maximum output along with over-current protection. Delicate embedded electronics, which are getting more common by the day, demand perfectly balanced voltage always, no matter what the demands are on the rest of the system.

No other phase conversion technology can supply the brute force required to start the most demanding loads while protecting everything down to the smallest integrated circuit from damage. The Phase Perfect® uses modern microprocessor-controlled electronics to continuously adapt to changing conditions.

Don't subject your expensive equipment to improper phase timing and voltage imbalance inherent in dated phase conversion technologies. Get utility-quality power with Phase Perfect®.

Maintains phase-to-phase voltage balance within 2%

Electronic power factor correction produces near unity power factor

Sinusoidal input current with very low harmonic content

Output LC filter blocks digital switching-generated noise producing sinusoidal output


An embedded microprocessor constantly ramps up or down based on the needs of the attached equipment. Full power is there when you need it without any wasted energy when you don’t. High efficiency under load and extremely low power utilization when not loaded add up to big cost savings compared to other phase conversion technologies.

The Phase Perfect® will also return power to your single-phase source when any three-phase load is in generating mode. Returning this power and making your utility meter run backwards is a much more efficient solution than wasting any excess power by heating a resistor.


Phase Perfect®’s have been powering equipment outdoors in the harshest of conditions for over 20 years. The brownouts, outages, and surges in remote areas that see frequent blizzards, lightning storms, and other severe weather has helped our engineers harden the Phase Perfect® into a highly reliable product.

The electronics have been made extremely robust, including the addition of costly film type line filter capacitors and custom inductors. The chassis has an available rain hat that brings it to a NEMA 3R outdoor rating. The onboard software has also been continually upgraded with advanced monitoring and protections to help keep the Phase Perfect® and your expensive equipment safe.


A huge number of applications and equipment once considered "industrial" require three-phase power. This equipment is increasingly finding use on farms and ranches, in home shops, or other locations where utility-provided 3-phase isn't readily available.

Modern electronic safety features are showing up everywhere, and internet-connected equipment is becoming commonplace. Equipment with embedded electronics is highly sensitive to power quality, and some methods of phase conversion will damage these electronics. A Phase Perfect® will ensure any equipment runs just like it was connected to three-phase from the power company.

Common uses for the Phase Perfect®: Elevators, HVAC, Wineries, Irrigation, Woodworking, Machine Shops, CNC Equipment, Polishing & Grinding

Voltage Doubling

If your application requires 460V power the Phase Perfect® Enterprise becomes an even more economical and streamlined solution. Models are available that internally increase the voltage from a 230V supply without requiring a transformer.

Learn about voltage doubling


  1. Mount with supplied mounting kit.
  2. Connect two wires in, three wires out.
  3. Ensure the Phase Perfect® is well grounded.

Installation of a Phase Perfect® is virtually “plug-and-play”. Equipment or a three-phase load center can be connected to the output just like they would be hooked up to utility three-phase.

7.5 Horsepower Phase Perfect input and output power lugs

230V Model Comparison

Model Horsepower Output kVA Max Output Max Input Standby Dimensions Weight Purchase Online
PT007 7.5HP 10.8kVA 26A 45A 70W 38" x 25" x 20" 102lbs BUY
PT010 10HP 14.9kVA 36A 62A 74W 38" x 25" x 20" 104lbs BUY
PT020 20HP 26.6kVA 64A 111A 80W 38" x 25" x 20" 129lbs BUY
PT030 30HP 39.4kVA 95A 165A 175W 46" x 26" x 20" 222lbs BUY
PT040 40HP 54.0kVA 130A 225A 190W 46" x 26" x 20" 233lbs BUY
PT050 50HP 68.5kVA 165A 286A 235W 46" x 26" x 20" 251lbs BUY
PT060 60HP 78.9kVA 190A 329A 260W 46" x 26" x 20" 255lbs BUY
PT075 75HP 99.7kVA 240A 416A 300W 46" x 26" x 20" 288lbs BUY

460V Model Comparison

Model Horsepower Output kVA Max Output Max Input Standby Dimensions Weight Purchase Online
PT407 7.5HP 10.8kVA 13A 22A 55W 32" x 23" x 15" 70lbs BUY
PT410 10HP 14.9kVA 18A 32A 70W 32" x 23" x 15" 80lbs BUY
PT415 15HP 22.4kVA 27A 47A 75W 32" x 23" x 15" 80lbs BUY
PT420 20HP 26.6kVA 32A 55A 80W 32" x 23" x 15" 80lbs BUY
PT430 30HP 38.2kVA 46A 80A 87W 38" x 25" x 20" 145lbs BUY
PT440 40HP 50.7kVA 61A 105A 180W 46" x 26" x 20" 250lbs BUY
PT450 50HP 64.0kVA 77A 134A 190W 46" x 26" x 20" 250lbs BUY
PT460 60HP 75.6kVA 91A 157A 220W 46" x 26" x 20" 260lbs BUY
PT475 75HP 88.9kVA 107A 185A 270W 46" x 26" x 20" 268lbs BUY
PT4100 100HP 118.0kVA 142A 246A 300W 46" x 26" x 20" 305lbs BUY
PT4150 150HP 164.6kVA 198A 343A - 46" x 26" x 20" 325lbs BUY
PT4175 175HP 182.9kVA 220A 381A - 46" x 26" x 20" 330lbs BUY

Phase Perfect® is also available in compact, high-value Enterprise models with available voltage-doubling 480V options.


Surge Protection

Available factory-installed surge protection options include ProTec, single event MOV type, as well as Strikesorb. Strikesorb provides class-leading multiple hit protection ensuring continuous protection of your critical equipment.

MCCB & Service Rated Disconnect

Quickly and easily disconnect the phase converter from power any time maintenance or any other need arises.

On/Off Switch

The optional on/off switch will completely turn off power to any connected devices, both on the two pass-through legs as well as the generated leg.

Extended Warranty

Although durable and robust in design, a little extra peace of mind never hurts. Phase Technologies is happy to offer an extended warranty for all of those applications that demand a bit extra.

Motor Starting Ability

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Voltage Balance

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Phase Perfect® provides uncommon value in Phase Conversion Technology


Phase Perfect® Enterprise

The Phase Perfect® is also available in a compact, high-value, configuration where the customization options of the original are not required. These Enterprise models have the same modern digital phase conversion technology inside as the original.

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