Voltage Doubling means huge cost savings

Voltage Doubling is a patented variable frequency drive (VFD) and Phase Conversion technology engineered by Phase Technologies to help with the typical high cost of deep well and long lead applications by doubling the supply voltage. For example, if you have 230/240 volt A/C power available, these VFD's and digital phase converters step up the input and produce 460/480 volt A/C output without requiring an additional transformer.

For an AC motor of a given horsepower, increasing the operating voltage of the motor results in a decrease in the full load amperage. Lower amperage requirements allow a reduction in the size of the motor cable, significantly reducing the cost. The cost reduction from using a smaller cable can be dramatic in submersible pump applications where long motor leads are common.

Motor Horsepower Well Depth 230V 3-Phase 460V 3-Phase Typical Savings

5 HP

500 ft. 8 AWG 14 AWG 60%+
1000 ft. 4 AWG 10 AWG 65%+%
1500 ft. 2 AWG 8 AWG 68%+

7.5 HP

500 ft. 6 AWG 12 AWG 65%+
1000 ft. 4 AWG 10 AWG 65%+
1500 ft. 2 AWG 8 AWG 68%+

10 HP

500 ft. 6 AWG 12 AWG 65%+
1000 ft. 2 AWG 8 AWG 68%+
1500 ft. 0 AWG 6 AWG 72%+

15 HP

500 ft. 4 AWG 10 AWG 65%+
1000 ft. 0 AWG 6 AWG 72%+
1500 ft. 000 AWG 4 AWG 80%+

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is commonly used as a phase converter in pumping applications. VFD's are becoming the standard because they allow you to take advantage of variable speed, soft starting and stopping, constant pressure water systems, and advanced pump and well protection features. However, if only 230V single-phase is available, a VFD makes it difficult to boost the voltage from 230V to 460V.

Most VFD's induce significant harmonic distortion on the input side, and generate pulse-width-modulated (PWM) voltage on the output side. This makes using a transformer to increase the voltage impractical as the transformer may be damaged.

Phase Technologies has developed several unique lines of voltage doubling phase-converting VFD's and three phase VFD's. These variable frequency drives are capable of converting 208 V/230 V/240 V single-phase or three-phase to 460 V three-phase. Specifically designed for pumping applications, these VFD's have all the desirable features for pumping applications with an easy to use interface, and can save significant installation costs.

Build a Voltage Doubling VFD for your application using our Build & Quote tool.