Phase conversion engineered for center pivot irrigation

Complete Control Flexibility
  • 2 PID 4-20 mA analog inputs
  • Variable speed control with 0-5 VDC analog input
  • 4 programmable digital inputs
  • 4 programmable relays
  • Control multiple pivots with up to 4 psi setpoints
  • Optional MODBUS via RS-485
Unmatched Customer Service

Phase Technologies understands the impact of down-time in any pumping or irrigation application. Critical components are all field serviceable in the rare instance when the drive needs to be repaired on-site. Service Kits are available upon completion of Phase University Level 1 training.

Phase Technologies has designed a control system specifically to address the needs of center pivot irrigation. This variable frequency drive (VFD) provides full-featured speed control of the main pump and the optionally integrated AuxPower™ independently performs phase conversion and powers the pivot and it's control system.

Save time and frustration with a single solution designed specifically to handle the needs of your center pivot system.

Compared to a rotary phase converter, AuxPower™ can save hundreds of dollars per year in standby power consumption. The standby power usage of the modern solid state phase conversion technology in an AuxPower™ system is in the same ballpark as an incandescent light bulb, whereas many rotary phase converters can use more energy at idle than your household oven.

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Save on long lead installations by configuring your VFD with voltage doubling

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