Three-phase power from a single-phase source anywhere you need it. Phase Perfect® digital phase converter uses modern solid-state electronics to create utility-quality three-phase power anywhere. Robust and durable, these phase converters are capable of powering any load. Over 20 years of development has led to a phase converter capable of running everything from hard-starting motors to equipment with delicate embedded electronics.
Phase Perfect Enterprise digital Phase Converter small and large chassis
Phase Perfect® Enterprise

The Phase Perfect® is also available in a compact, high-value, configuration where the customization options of the original are not required. These Enterprise models have the same modern digital phase conversion technology inside as the original.

Phase Perfect digital Phase Converter expandable small and large chassis
Phase Perfect®

The original Phase Perfect® digital phase converters supply power to some of the most demanding applications available under some of the most challenging conditions imaginable. Utility-quality three-phase power anywhere you need it.

Phase Perfect® Model Comparison

Standard Features

Phase Perfect® Enterprise Phase Perfect®
97%+ efficient solid-state phase conversion
Full power, no waste

Robust Load Protections
Digital monitoring to keep your equipment safe

Available on all models for outdoor mounting

Multiple Loads
Designed to start hard loads and run multiple loads simultaneously

Regenerative Loads
Such as motors with electronic brakes like lathes

Utility-grade Balanced Voltage
Voltage on all 3 phases maintained within 2%

50°C (122°F) Rated
Ready to be exterior mounted, even in harsh climates

Ducted Cooling
Protects sensitive electronics even in dirty environments

Optional Features

Phase Perfect® Enterprise Phase Perfect®
Voltage Doubling
Save thousands, no transformer needed

Panel Shop: Protec Surge Protection
Single-hit MOV type, available as an option

Panel Shop: Service Disconnect
Make maintenance easy and meet code without an external disconnect

Panel Shop: Strikesorb Surge Protection
Multiple-hit protection, the best available

See the Phase Perfect® Enterprise See the Phase Perfect®

Need 460V but have 230V?

In many situations 460V could result in significant cost savings, but too often those potential savings are eaten up by the need for a transformer. The voltage doubling Phase Perfect® turns single-phase 230V input into three-phase 460V output simply and reliably.

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Questions about Phase Conversion?

Not sure about phase converters? Are the differences between the Phase Perfect® and other options, and how those stack up to utility power giving you indecision? Read more about phase conversion or contact us.

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