Variable Frequency Drives & Digital Phase Converters

2XD Series VFD installed in a pump house. Well depth 1,100ft.
Distance from the pump house, 500ft.

Voltage Doubling VFDs

What Is Voltage Doubling?

240V Single-Phase to 480V Three-Phase

Exclusively made by Phase Technologies


Voltage Doubling is a patented VFD technology engineered by Phase Technologies to address solutions for deep well applications. For an AC motor of a given horsepower (HP), increasing the rated operating voltage of the motor results in a decrease in the full load amperage of the motor. Lower amperage requirements allow a reduction in the size of the conductors in the motor cable, reducing the cost of the motor cable. This cost reduction can be dramatic in submersible pump applications where long motor leads are common. Therefore, in most deep submersible applications a 460V three-phase motor is desirable, especially when the motor exceeds 10 HP.

Variable frequency drives (VFD) are commonly used as phase converters in pumping applications in order to take advantage of variable speed, soft starting and stopping, constant pressure water systems, and advanced pump and well protection features. However, if only 240V single-phase is available, a drive cannot generally be used in combination with a transformer to boost the voltage from 240V to 480V.

The diode bridge input module of the drive induces significant harmonic distortion on the input line. This distortion will likely overheat and damage a transformer used on the input. The pulse-width-modulated (PWM) output voltage of the drive also prevents the use of a transformer on the output line.

Phase Technologies has developed several unique lines of voltage doubling phase-converting VFDs and three phase VFDs, that converts 240V/208V single-phase or three-phase to 480V three-phase. Specifically designed for pumping applications,
it has all the desirable features of a VFD with an easy to use interface.
Now the cost savings of a 480V three-phase motor can be realized along with VFD benefits.


NEW in 2019! 
Phase Technologies now offers optional cost-effective sine filters in all of our products up to 100hp.


Voltage Doubling Products

2XD Series - 5-15 HP

1LHS Series - 20-30 HP


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2XD Motor Cable Savings

See examples of cost savings across various scenarios

Motor HP 230V 3-phase 460V 3-phase Savings
5HP Wire Size Cost Wire size Cost  
500' 8 AWG $605 14 AWG $215 $390
1000' 4 AWG $2,600 10 AWG $840 $1,760
1500' 2 AWG $6,090 8 AWG $1,815 $4,275
500' 6 AWG $900 12 AWG $295 $605
1000' 4 AWG $2,600 10 AWG $840 $1,760
1500' 2 AWG $6,090 8 AWG $1,815 $4,275
500' 4 AWG $1,300 12 AWG $295 $1,005
1000' 2 AWG $4,060 8 AWG $1,210 $2,850
1500' 0 AWG $10,920 6 AWG $2,700 $8,220
15 HP          
500' 4 AWG $1,345 10AWG $425 $920
1000' 0 AWG $7,600 6AWG $1,900 $5,700
1500' 000 AWG $22,485 4AWG $4,035 $18,450