Class-leading low-harmonic, phase-converting VFD’s with revolutionary features such as ducted cooling, voltage-doubling, and AuxPower™.

1LH Series drives have a unique active switching input module that limits harmonic distortion on the power input. These drives are IEEE 519 compliant with no additional harmonic filters required. The active front end also provides the added benefit of power conditioning for the VFD. This allows the user to set and maintain output voltage for your specific conditions.

LH-series drives were designed specifically for the water well industry and provide features not found anywhere else. Configure a phase converting 1LH for your application with our product builder.

Superior Heat Rejection

Our innovative cooling design utilizes outside air in a compartment segregated from any sensitive electronics. This design eliminates the risk of contaminated air entering the electronics areas and ultimately prolongs the life and improves the efficiency of internal components.


Voltage Doubling

Signification Installation Cost Savings


Designed For Deep Set Wells
& Long Lead Applications
  • Significantly reduce installation costs
  • Smaller motor cable & well size requirements
  • Voltage control for deep wells


AuxPower - Power Your Pivot & Pump With A Single System

Phase Technologies has designed a cutting-edge VFD specifically for center pivot irrigation applications. The 1LH with AuxPower provides speed control of the main pump and powers your pivot controls simultaneously.

Three-phase Output
Independently controlled phase converter to power the entire center pivot irrigation system.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Pumping
A VFD provides a range of options for managing pump operations and speed, as well as, water pressure.

1LH Model Comparison

Standard Features

1LHE Enterprise Chassis
Up to 25 Horsepower
1LHS Signature Chassis
Up to 100 Horsepower
1LH Performance Chassis
Up to 125 Horsepower
Phase-converting VFD

NEMA 3R Outdoor Enclosure

Large display, readable in direct sunlight

50°C (122°F) Rated
Ready to be exterior mounted, even in harsh climates


Up to 25 Horsepower

Up to 100 Horsepower

Up to 125 Horsepower

Optional Features

1LHE Enterprise Chassis
Up to 25 Horsepower
1LHS Signature Chassis
Up to 100 Horsepower
1LH Performance Chassis
Up to 125 Horsepower
Voltage Doubling

up to 50hp up to 50hp
Panel Shop: AuxPower
18 A or 32 A 3-phase power to drive a pivot

Panel Shop: Service Disconnect
Make maintenance easy and meet code without an external disconnect

Panel Shop: HOA Switch and/or Speed Pot

Panel Shop: Run and Fault Indicator Lights


Panel Shop: dV/dT Output Filter
Protect your motor, especially in long lead installs

Panel Shop: Sine Wave Output Filter
Protect your motor, especially in extra long lead installs

Panel Shop: Strikesorb Surge Protection
Multiple-hit protection, the best available

Panel Shop: Pad Mount Leg Kit
Mount the VFD to a concrete pad

See the 1LH Enterprise See the 1LH Signature & Performance

1. Most models are 50°C (122°F) rated, some models may be 40°C rated.

2. Enterprise models are available with a Run or Fault light, but not both.

Our product builder will help you build and price a VFD for your application based on the horsepower of your pump.

Not sure? Contact our sales department and let us help you select the right variable frequency drive for your application.

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