Phase Technologies has designed a simple, phase converting, voltage doubling solution for residential and light commercial constant pressure installations (5-15 hp). The 2XD product line offer simple setup, rugged hardware, 3R cabinets, and a top-of-the-line oil filled pressure transducer standard with every package.

If you’ve installed submersible pumps, you know motor cable is a costly expense. Voltage doubling, developed exclusively by Phase Technologies, “doubles” the voltage from 240V to 480V. In turn, it requires smaller gauge motor cable. This saves significant cost on pump and drive installations, especially in deep wells. The 2XD series also integrates and optional sine filter that is less expensive than a dv/dt filter making this the obvious choice for deep submersible installations.

Demand-driven constant pressure for home wells is now inexpensive, reliable, and a luxury available to all homeowners thanks to Perfect Pressure, standard with all SD and 2XD systems. Perfect Pressure only requires a few minutes of setup time and can control the most complicated plumbing systems with ease. With constant pressure, plumbing systems run smoothly with fewer instances of short cycling.

Phase-Converting Voltage-Doubling VFD

Significant Cost Savings
Unmatched Power

Voltage doubling is an innovation developed and patented by Phase Technologies that converts 208V/240V single-phase or three-phase power to nominal 480V three-phase power. If you’ve installed submersible pumps you know motor cable is a costly expense.

With our robust phase converting VFD systems, the efficiency, motor cable cost savings of 480V three-phase motors can be realized without the cost and time required to upgrade the utility service.

Copper cable on a spool
2XD Series Chassis


  • NEMA 3R Enclosure w/Insect Guards
  • Easy Perfect Pressure™ Setup
  • Strikesorb Surge Protection
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 122° F (50° C) Rated
  • Easy Field Serviceability
  • Includes 0 - 150 psi transducer

Voltage-Doubling Model Comparison

ModelHorsepowerRated InputRated OutputConfigure
2XD2055 HP31 A10 A
2XD2077.5 HP52 A13 A
2XD21010 HP64 A18 A
2XD21515 HP87 A24 A

Our product builder will help you build and price a VFD for your application based on the horsepower of your pump.

Not sure? Contact our sales department and let us help you select the right variable frequency drive for your application.

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Easy Setup

Perfect Pressure™ only requires a few minutes of setup time and is capable of controlling complicated constant pressure plumbing systems with ease and fewer instances of short cycling.

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Custom is usually associated with greatly increased cost and lead times, but not at Phase Technologies, custom is what we do. Learn how our UL 508A panel shop can help you stay on time and on budget.

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