Variable Frequency Drives & Digital Phase Converters

2XD Series Variable Frequency Drives

Designed specifically for deep well pumping. Voltage Doubling and Phase Converting.

Phase Technologies has designed a simple, phase converting, voltage doubling solution for residential and light commercial constant pressure installations (5-7.5 HP). The 2XD product line offers simple setup, rugged hardware, NEMA Type 3R cabinets, and a top-of-the-line oil filled pressure transducer.

In submersible pump installations, motor cable is a costly expense. Voltage doubling developed exclusively by Phase Technologies, “doubles” the voltage from 240V to 480V. This achieves significant cost savings by using smaller gauge, less expensive motor cable.  The 2XD series also integrates an optional inexpensive sine wave filter.

The Phase Converting 2XD VFD converts single phase input power to variable frequency 3 phase output power allowing the use of more efficient motors providing both immediate cable savings and ongoing savings in electricity costs.

Standard with all SD and 2XD systems, demand-driven constant pressure control for home wells is now inexpensive, reliable, and a luxury available to all homeowners thanks to Perfect Pressure™. Perfect Pressure™ only requires a few minutes of setup time and can control the most complicated pump systems with ease. With constant pressure, pump systems run smoothly with fewer instances of short cycling.  The SD Series VFD controls pressure consistently regardless of demand.

  • IEEE 519 Compliance Guaranteed*
  • 5 - 7.5 HP
  • Includes Surge Protection
  • Integrated Output Filter Options
  • Phase Converting & Voltage Doubling
  • Easy Setup with Perfect Pressure™
  • NEMA Type 3R Rated Outdoor Enclosures


2XD Series

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240V >>> 480V VFD's
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Irrigation Pumping
Motor Control
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