Variable Frequency Drives & Digital Phase Converters


Phase-Converting Variable Frequency Drives

1LH4xxR 20 - 50 HP

1LH Performance Series VFD’s are the only product on the market with optional AuxPower™, a revolutionary solid state phase converter integrated in the cabinet with the VFD. 

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Phase Technologies has designed a groundbreaking VFD that provides full-featured speed control of the main pump and AuxPower™, an optional, independently controlled phase converter to power the entire center pivot system. Compared to a rotary phase converter, AuxPower™ provides superior voltage balance, greater efficiency and higher reliability. Reduce labor cost with one integrated panel that provides everything required for center pivot irrigation.

1LH Series drives have a unique active switching input module that does not produce high levels of harmonic distortion. These drives are IEEE 519 compliant with no additional harmonic filter required.  The active front end also provides the added benefit of power conditioning for the VFD and AuxPower™ outputs.  This allows the user to set the output voltage and control both the pump and pivot without concern for utility power fluctuations.

An optional Voltage doubling 1LH Series drive utilizes a single-phase active front end to boost the 208/240V input and generate 460V three-phase output. This innovative capability eliminates the cost of a transformer and provides significant cost reduction in submersible or long applications by reducing the size of down-hole motor cables.  Phase Technologies now manufactures optional sine filters at a fraction of industry cost to further reduce expenses associated with long lead installations.

Industries served: Pivot Irrigation, Wells Pumps

Standard Features
  • NEMA 3R Enclosure w/Insect Guards
  • Easy Perfect Pressure™ Setup
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 122° F (50° C) Rated
  • Easy Field Serviceability
  • IEEE 519 Compliant


Optional Add-Ons
  • AuxPower™ 18A or 32A
  • MCCB & Service Rated Disconnect
  • Dv/dt Output Filter (Integrated)
  • Sine Wave output Filter (Integrated)
  • HOA & Speed Potentiometer
  • Strikesorb Surge Protection
  • 0 - 150 psi Transducer
  • Pad Mount Kit


Models: 1LH420R 1LH430R 1LH440R 1LH450R
General Power Specs        
Rated HP 20 HP 30 HP 40 HP 50 HP
Rated Input Current 48A 72A 98A 121A
Input Current w/AuxPower™ C 74A 98A 124A 147A
Input Current w/AuxPower™ X 100A 124A 150A 173A
Input Voltage 460/480V, single-phase
Rated Output Current 31A 46A 61A 77A
Output Voltage 460/480V, three-phase
Other Specs        
Recommended Breaker Size 80A 100A 150A 175A
Breaker Size w/AuxPower™ C 100A 150A 175A 200A
Breaker Size w/AuxPower™ X 150A 175A 200A 250A
Enclosure size (H x W x D) 46 x 62 x 23" 46 x 62 x 23" 46 x 62 x 23" 46 x 62 x 23"
Shipping Weight 467 lbs 482 lbs 491 lbs 491 lbs
Shipping Type Freight Freight Freight Freight