Power electronics designed for harsh environments

Superior Heat Rejection by Design

The cooling design on many of our larger VFD's and Phase Converters pulls outside air only through one compartment within the enclosure. This cooling design allows for higher efficiency, as only those components requiring active cooling are in that airflow path. This design also ensures clean air is maintained in contact with any sensitive electronics. The segregated airflow design prolongs service life and increases the reliability of your installation.

One of the immediate benefits of more efficient cooling is a temperature rating suited to harsh conditions. Most of our DX, 1LH, and 3LH series VFD's have a 50°C (122°F) temperature rating. The Phase Perfect® Original also has a separate airflow channel and 50°C rating. No need to de-rate or find solutions to keep these systems out of the sun. At Phase Technologies we understand our drives and phase converters are used in the real world to do real jobs and they need to perform in those conditions.

Phase Technologies has developed a whitepaper dissecting the various direct and indirect cooling approaches used to make VFD's survive the elements.

Download the whitepaper
Phase Technologies heat rejecting chassis design