Variable Frequency Drives & Digital Phase Converters


Three-Phase Active Front End Variable Frequency Drives

3LH4xxR 60 - 100 HP

3LH Performance Series, VFD’s utilize active front end (AFE) technology to strictly comply with low harmonic standards, regenerate power back on the grid, and control unbalanced three phase without over sizing.

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3LH Series drives have a unique active switching input module that does not produce high levels of harmonic distortion. These drives are IEEE 519 compliant with no additional harmonic filter required. The active front end also provides the added benefit of power conditioning for the VFD and Aux Power outputs. This allows the user to set the output voltage and control both the pump and pivot without concern for utility power fluctuations.

Phase Technologies now manufactures optional sine filters at a fraction of industry cost to further reduce expenses associated with long lead installations.

Industries served: Wells Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Motor Control

Standard Features
  • NEMA 3R Enclosure w/Insect Guards
  • Easy Perfect Pressure™ Setup
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 122° F (50° C) Rated
  • Easy Field Serviceability
  • IEEE 519 Compliant


Optional Add-Ons
  • MCCB & Service Rated Disconnect
  • Dv/dt Output Filter (Integrated)
  • Sine Wave output Filter (Integrated)
  • HOA & Speed Potentiometer
  • Strikesorb Surge Protection
  • 0 - 150 psi Transducer
  • Pad Mount Kit (LEGS02)


Models: 3LH460R 3LH475R 3LH4100R
General Power Specs      
Rated HP 60 HP 75 HP 100 HP
Rated Input Current 91A 107A 142A
Input Voltage 460/480V, single-phase
Rated Output Current 91A 107A 142A
Output Voltage 460/480V, three-phase
Other Specs      
Recommended Breaker Size 150A 150A 200A
Enclosure size (H x W x D) 45 x 56 x 19" 45 x 56 x 19" 45 x 56 x 19"
Shipping Weight 467 lbs 482 lbs 547 lbs
Shipping Type Freight Freight Freight


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