Warranty Registration - Input Warranty with Surge Suppression

The standard warranty for Phase Technologies variable frequency drives is two years, and phase converters is one year. This standard warranty does not cover damage to input diode's or IGBT's without full and complete submission of this form.

Ground resistance at VFD of 5 ohms.

Ground resistance meter showing 5 Ohms to ground for VFD installation.

General Requirements:
  • Displayed ground resistance must show 10 Ohms or less.
  • Product must have the S (StrikeSorb) or S1 (Protec) surge protection option factory installed.

This registration will confirm your ground resistance at the installation site and make the registered product eligible for additional warranty coverage. This coverage will include, if necessary, one-time replacement of input diodes and/or IGBT's if they become damaged by a transient surge1.

You must supply at least one photo showing both the ground resistance as indicated by an approved meter2, as well as the product serial number, at the time of installation. Both the meter display as well as the product serial number must be visible at the same time in the supplied photo.

For full details on the warranty coverages provided by Phase Technologies please see the warranty page.

1. Direct or indirect lighting strikes, as determined by Phase Technologies, will not be considered for warranty.
2. Fluke: fluke.com/en-us/products/electrical-testing/earth-ground
    ETCR: etcrmeter.com/earth-resistance-tester_c5

To access your manual or other supporting documents for setting up or configuring your VFD, visit our downloads page: Downloads