Phase Perfect® -
Quick Start Guide

Simple Models

QUICKSTART PTS, Revision 002

Mounting dimensions

Mounting the Phase Perfect® Simple

  1. Loosen attached mounting brackets, rotate such that mounting hole extends above the chassis, and re-tighten.
  2. Mount the unit to a solid, non-flammable surface using the mounting brackets provided with the unit.
  3. Ensure air intake and exhaust openings are not obstructed. If mounted in a small room or cabinet, ensure temperature will remain below 40C (104F), 35C (95F) for PTS007. Notes: 18" (450mm) clearance below and 6" (150mm) around required for ventilation. NEMA 3R chassis or add-on necessary for exterior or dusty installation.

Connect Wiring

  1. Remove the cover by gently lifting and pulling forward after removing the screw on the front of the unit.
  2. Route cables through the supplied openings in the bottom of the enclosure, using appropriate conduit or strain relief devices.
    Note: Continuous metal conduit should be used for all power cables to reduce radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  3. Install the 3 load side conductors into the output terminals labeled T1, T2, and T3. Connect the load side ground conductor into the grounding terminal. Note: T3 is the manufactured leg.

Suggested Breaker Sizes

PTS003 PTS005 PTS007
30 A 40 A 60 A
  1. Properly ground the phase converter according to local electrical code. Connect the ground lug to the branch circuit or service ground conductor.

  2. Connect the line side input leads into the terminal labeled L1 and L2.
  1. To add an external run/stop switch, remove the orange jumper wire and connect the switch to AUX1 and COM terminals. Caution: No voltage may be introduced on these terminals. Dry contact only.

Powering up the Phase Perfect® Simple

  1. Replace the cover and secure using the previously removed screw.
  2. Turn on the line side breaker and verify screen turns on. Note: Once the unit is fully energized the internal contactor will pull in. Once this occurs a light sizzling noise will be emitted, and is normal.
Note: Output is in high-leg delta configuration. Leg to leg voltage will match input voltage, leg to ground will be higher on T3 than T1/T2.


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