LHX Series -
Quick Start Guide

QUICKSTART LHX, Revision 000

LHX Chassis Comparison

Mounting the VFD

  1. Mount the enclosure using provided brackets in such a way that it is fully supported.
    Note: 16" (400mm) clearance above, 12" (300mm) below, and 3" (75mm) around required for ventilation. Less clearance may be required for smaller frames. See manual for details.

Connect Wiring

  1. Remove screws necessary to remove front lower cover.
  2. Connect motor leads to the terminal block labeled output.
  3. Connect power leads to the terminals labeled input.
Caution: Crimp or solder (NO WIRE NUTS) any connections when splicing motor leads. Inadequate/high-resistance connections can cause nuisance faults or damage to the motor and VFD.
Input and Output Terminals
  1. Secure the appropriate ground wires into the lugs marked with the ground symbol.
    Note: 4 ohms or less to earth ground recommended

Input Lugs above Output Lugs

Note: For single-phase input, connect incoming power to L1 and L2. See derate chart in manual for current ratings.

  1. If using the transducer, install into a 1/4" NPT non-metallic fitting and run the wire back to the VFD, up to the terminal area and cut to length.
    Note: Cut transducer leads to length. DO NOT coil extra wire or connect shielding ground wire. DO NOT run transducer leads parallel to motor leads. If necessary, only cross transducer and motor leads at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Install the Black wire into the I1- terminal and the remaining White or Red wire into the I1+ terminal on the control board.

Powering up the VFD

  1. Replace the cover and reinstall previously removed screws.
  2. To bypass initial setup, press the HOME button, or, to use the Perfect Pressure wizard, choose Yes (ENTER) when prompted.
    Note: Hold the BACK and ENTER buttons for 3 seconds to reset the VFD to default configuration

Optional: To add a run/stop from a PLC, float switch, or similar, remove the orange jumper wire and make those connections to AUX2 and COM.
Caution: No voltage may be introduced on these terminals.


Analog Constant Pressure or HVAC Fan Setup

LHX Series VFD's include the Perfect Pressure™ wizard, which makes the setup of constant pressure systems a breeze, along with several other wizards for other common scenarios. Now that you have installed your VFD, read the Quick Start Guide for Analog Constant Pressure or Fan/Blower Setup on LHX Series Drives.

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