SD Standard Chassis

Residential and Light Commercial phase converting VFD

The SD Series VFD is our simple, single-phase to three-phase converting solution for residential and light commercial constant pressure installations requiring 2-5 horsepower. The SD product line offers simple setup, rugged hardware, NEMA Type 3R enclosures, and a low noise oil-filled 0 - 150 psi pressure transducer. Enjoy commercial VFD quality and robustness in a drive that is easy to configure for home wells, irrigation systems, motor control, and soft start applications. They can also be configured for lead lag applications.

See the SDE Series for applications requiring additional options or greater than 5 horsepower.



System setup with Perfect Pressure requires only a few minutes and is capable of controlling complex pump systems by answering 6 questions. See our Quick Start Guide for details.

The SD Series VFD's control pressure consistently, regardless of demand. The pump system runs smoothly with fewer instances of short cycling and requires a much smaller pressure tank than a pressure switch.


  • Rugged NEMA 3R enclosure designed for the outdoors
  • Large graphic display with black-lit screen & intuitive interface
  • Spring loaded digital and analog input terminals
  • Removable power and pump lead connectors
  • All steel construction
  • Protective insect guards
  • Pre-cut conduit openings
  • 40°C (104°F) Rated

Easy Installation

Service and Support

Standard 3-Year Warranty


Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C - 50 °C (-40 °F - 122 °F)
Input Phase: single-phase
Output Phase three-phase
Voltage Range 190 V - 275 V
Output Power: 2.5 - 6 kW
Output Type: V/f control
Short Circuit Withstand Rating: 5 kA RMS symmetrical amps
Analog Inputs: (2) 4 - 20 mA, (1) 0 - 5 VDC
Digital Inputs: (2) programmable
Relay Outputs: (2) programmable, 5 VDV 7A at 240 VAC

230 V Model Comparison

Model Horsepower Rated Input Rated Output
SD002R 2HP 20A 8A
SD003R 3HP 30A 10A
SD005R 5HP 42A 18A


Anatomy of a Phase Technologies, SD Series, phase-converting VFD.
Phase Technologies SD Series VFD
SD Series VFD Quick Install



SD is also available in an Enterprise, highly-configurable, variant for installations requiring the options available in the Enterprise chassis.

A high-quality transducer is standard with SD Series drives. For integral surge protection, service disconnect, output filtering, HOA switch and/or speed potentiometer see the SDE series.