Signature Series VFD's
DX Signature and Performance Chassis

Commercial and Agriculture AFE VFD

Phase Technologies’ DX Series 6-Pulse VFDs are an economical yet reliable option for speed control of three-phase AC motors. The drives offer advanced motor control features through an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Film bus capacitors eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure when starting a VFD after long periods without power. Unlike electrolytic bus capacitors, film bus capacitors do not degrade during storage. With DX Series VFDs the user eliminates the need for the added time and expense associated with reforming bus capacitors every season or when installing a VFD that was in storage for a very long period.

DX Series VFDs include an input reactor that is installed in front of the rectifier diode. The input reactor reduces harmonics on the input lines, protects the input stage from current surges, and reduces ripple on the DC bus. It also provides some protection against voltage transients, especially when an optional surge protective device (SPD) is installed.

The drive and enclosure are thermally engineered as one unit, directing airflow over critical heat-producing components while isolating sensitive components from outside ambient air. Unlike most outdoor 3R rated drives, the enclosure protects the electronics from dust and other contaminants while providing best in class cooling capabilities. This improves reliability and extends the expected lifetime of DX Series drives.

See the DX Enterprise for applications requiring less than 20 horsepower or 230 V output.

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System setup with Perfect Pressure requires only a few minutes and is capable of controlling complex pump systems with ease.

The DX Series VFD's control pressure consistently regardless of demand. The pump system runs smoothly with fewer instances of short cycling.


1LH Signature

The Phase Technologies DX is an industrial-grade product designed for harsh conditions.

Easy Installation

Service and Support

Standard 2-Year Warranty

460 V Model Comparison

Models Horsepower Rated Input Rated Output Chassis
DXS420R, DX420R 20 HP 31 A 31 A Signature, Performance
DXS430R, DX430R 30 HP 46 A 46 A Signature, Performance
DXS440R, DX440R 40 HP 61 A 61 A Signature, Performance
DXS450R, DX450R 50 HP 77 A 77 A Signature, Performance
DXS460R, DX460R 60 HP 91 A 91 A Signature, Performance
DXS475R, DX475R 75 HP 107 A 107 A Signature, Performance
DXS4100R, DX4100R 100 HP 142 A 142 A Signature, Performance
DXS4125R, DX42125R 125 HP 172 A 172 A Signature, Performance
DXS4150R, DX4150R 150 HP 198 A 198 A Signature, Performance
DXS4200R, DX4200R 200 HP 250 A 250 A Signature, Performance
DX4250R 250 HP 304 A 304 A Performance
DX4300R 300 HP 362 A 362 A Performance
DX4350R 350 HP 415 A 415 A Performance
DX4400R 400 HP 478 A 478 A Performance
DX4450R 450 HP 515 A 515 A Performance
DX4500R 500 HP 590 A 590 A Performance


MCCB & Service Rated Disconnect

An external service disconnect and integral breaker for ease of maintenance or installations that require it to meet electrical code.

Surge Protection

Available factory-installed surge protection options include ProTec, single event MOV type, as well as Strikesorb. Strikesorb provides class-leading multiple hit protection ensuring continuous protection of your critical equipment.

Output Filter

460 V installations other than those with short lead lengths often require output filtering to protect the motor from damage.

Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) Switch with Speed Potentiometer

Externally mounted HOA switch and speed potentiometer. Used to switch between user or automatic control and adjust motor speed on the output of the drive.


Drive your pivot with the same solution used to control your pump using optional AuxPower, available on drives configured with a Performance Series chassis.

Extended Warranty

Although durable and robust in design, a little extra peace of mind never hurts. Phase Technologies is happy to offer an extended warranty for all of those applications that demand a bit extra.

About the Panel Shop

The options available for DX Signature and Performance VFD's are built-to-order in our UL 508A panel shop. Every drive is a custom drive at Phase, options typically do not impact lead times.

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DX Series

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